Q&A for changes in booking rules

What are the changes?
The following changes apply to all members and membership types:

  • The cancellation time is changed from 1 hour to 2 hours before the class starts.
  • The maximum number of total bookings per day is changed from 3 to 2.

Why are we changing the booking rules?
Currently, many of our classes have long waiting lists. However, few of them end up being filled. We want to adjust the rules so that the queues are reduced and members easier can find spots and book the classes they are actually planning to attend.

Why are you changing the cancellation time from 1 hour to 2 hours before the class starts?
A lot of our members feel one hour is too short notice when you go from waiting list to a spot on the class. Increasing the cancellation time to 2 hours means more members will have a chance to get to the class in time and reduce stress.

Why are you changing the number of classes from 3 to 2 in one day?
Many of our members attend 2 classes per day, but less than 1 % of our members do 3 or more classes per day. Reducing to maximum 2 classes per day will significantly reduce the number of overbookings in the system without negative impact on the members.

How is this change going to reduce overbookings and waiting lists?
When there are a lot of group classes with waiting lists, members book more classes than they intend to go to, to be sure to get a spot on one of them. This results in classes getting overbooked, but still have spots available when the class starts. With this change, overbookings will decrease and members can instead book their favorite classes.

I pay extra for having access to group classes. Why are you reducing my flexibility?
With these changes we aim to reduce waiting lists and overbookings. This will make it easier to book and attend your favorite class and will hopefully be perceived as an improvement in our offering.

We never have waiting lists on my center. Why are you changing the rules here?
SATSELIXIA has more than 200 centers and a lot of members move between our different locations and therefore the same booking rules apply everywhere. We believe these rules will improve the predictability and booking experience at all centers.

I like to train 3 classes per day. How can I do that now?
The vast majority of our members do not attend more than 2 classes per day. If there are available spots in other classes, you can always book more classes once one of the classes you have already booked is over.

I pay extra for Prformance/Build’n Burn/HiYoga/MA. Shouldn’t I have more flexibility when I pay more?
We see that 2 classes per day is more than enough for the vast majority of our members. We believe the reduced queues and increased predictability will make it better for all members.

I will not know if I can make the class 2 hours before because of my work/school. I’m going to get a lot of penalties now!
We encourage all members to plan their training well in advance. We understand that the day does not always turn out the way you planned. That is why you can miss 2 cancellations within 30 days before you get a booking restriction.

There are so many queues and I always book 2 or 3 classes to be sure I get a spot somewhere. Now it will be harder for me to get a spot!
If members only book the classes they intend to go to there will be shorter/fewer waiting lists. With fewer queues there is less need to book 2 or 3 classes to get a spot.

I do morning classes and now I must get up before 5 a.m. to cancel a class at 7 a.m. What if I wake up sick and it’s too late?
We encourage all members to plan their training in advance. Of course, something unpredictable can happen regardless if it is one or three hours before. Therefore, you can miss 2 cancellations within 30 days before you get a booking restriction.

Can I still attend more than 2 classes in one day?
You can only have 2 classes booked simultaneously, but after you have finished one of the classes, you can book another until you have booked 2 classes again.

I missed the 3 hours deadline and want to cancel my class, but it’s too late to do it in the app. Can you help me in the reception?
All cancellations of classes must be done in the app, web or at our booking stations in the centers. We recommend you use the calendar function in the app to set a reminder for when to cancel the class. The reception cannot cancel bookings for you within the 2 hour cancellation period.

I have a Priority/Nordic-all-in/SATS Platinum/SATS+ membership, will these changes affect me?
The cancellation time will apply for all membership types. The maximum number of bookings within 10 days, and the maximum amount of days you can pre-book classes, will be the same as before for these membership types.