1. What memberships are available to access the SATS Volvo Cars gym?

One club Volvo Cars: 150 SEK/month

Terms of membership:

Access to the Volvo Cars gym. Group training classes and onlinetraining are included. Binding period is 12 months. New members get a "PT start" and a "Rehab start".

Regional or Swedish/Nordic: 20% discount on all memberships 

Terms of membership:

You get to workout at all centers in Gothenburg or Sweden/Nordic including SATS Volvo Cars 
Binding period is 12 months. New members get a "PT start" and a "Rehab start"

Three choises:

  1. Gym only (includes group training at Volvo cars and Online Training)
  2. Gym + Group training
  3. Gym + Group training + Concept

To see updated prices click here and choose the membership you are interested in and then you need to calculate 20% discount on your own. 

2. What is PT start and rehab start?

PT start is a free 55-minute session where you get to meet a personal trainer. You identify your training goals, do some test and a short training session and set up a plan for how to achieve your goals.

Rehab start is a free session with a therapist (masseur, massage therapist, naprapath or physiotherapist). The therapist does a medical history, examination and treatment and gives you advice and a few exercises so you can start your training safely.

3. How does it work if I'm already a member of SATS and want to access the SATS Volvo Cars gym?

If you have a SATS regional membership please contact us (volvocars@sats.se) and we will extend your access and give you the 20 % discount that all Volvo Cars employees have.
See prices for different regional membership question 1.

If you have an old deal since several years back that offers you a better price, you keep it but we expand your access so that you also can workout on SATS Volvo Cars.

If you only have access to "one club", you need to upgrade your membership to "SATS Region" see prices in question 1.

4. Can I choose two centers to workout at?

No there is no longer "two club" as before, you can choose between "one club" or "region membership". See question 1 for prices.

5. How do I become a member?

Sign up via sats.se/volvocars, visit our reception in the VAK building or email the information below to volvocars@sats.se.

Alternatively, visit volvo cars when we have live customer support until the construction is complete. Then you will visit us at the reception.  We need the following information:

Social Security number:
Clearing number:
Account number:
Ev. Wellness allowance, Epassi/Actiway/Wellnet (voucher ID and sum):
Phone: E-mail :

6. Can I use my wellness allowance?

Yes, you can use your wellness allowance. See information below for the different portals/ suppliers (actiway, epassi, Benify).

If you want to use your wellness allowance through Epassi, log in to the Epassi app and select SATS Volvo Cars as your supplier and write in the amount you want to use and then confirm. Then we will receive a receipt for your payment sent to us and we will register it on your SATS profile. Your membership fee is then deducted from your wellness allowance in the first place and when the money runs out we continue to deduct via direct debit.

Please contact our reception in the VAK building, confirm with your employer  if they contributes 100% or partially for the membership. The monthly amount will be deducted from your money pot. If needed rest of the money will continue to be deducted by direct debit from your account.

Visit our reception in the VAK building and pay the full amount of SEK 1800 with your credit card at the reception. Save the receipt. Then log in to Benify's website, and in the search field you write: "wellness receipt". Follow the instructions and get the money back into your account.

7. How does the payment work?

You pay by direct debit or enter a SATS center and pay the full amount for the whole year.
You can also use your wellness allowance, see question 3.

8. When does the gym open?

We opened SATS Volvo Cars 1st of March!

9. For how long do these prices last?

The prices will be the same until further notice (SEK 150/month for Volvo membership and 20% discount on other SATS memberships).

10. What will the gym look like?

The gym is equipped as a normal SATS club and are aproximatley 330 square meter. We have a groupsession room that can be used when we don´t have groupsessions. We also have a massage room where you can use your "rehab start" with a therapist. 

Dressingrooms are for SATS members, cyclists/runners are free to use the showers and sauna but may not lock their belongings in the lockers during the day or over night.

11. Will there be group training classes?

Yes! To start with, three classes per day, one in the morning, one around lunch and one in the afternoon. The classes will be varied and according to SATS standard.

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12. Can I use the swimming pool at SATS Torslanda?

Yes, if you have a regional membership. You only pick up a ticket at the reception in the same way as for the group training classes and show it when you are entering the swim hall. The opening hours can be found linked to the SLS homepage from sats Torslanda's page. Exercise swimming is the times that apply.

13. What is the opening hours?

Monday to Friday 05.00-22.00, Saturday to Sunday 09.00-18.00. Check that you have access with your Volvo Cars card to the VAK building. Go to the start page to see when the reception is staffed (Red days are closed and day before red day is like a Friday). 

14. How do I get into the gym?

The gym will be located to the left when entering VAK staff entrance on the west side of the building. You enter the withe door with your Volvo Cars access card. In to the gym you scan your QR code in the gate. If you have booked groupsessions you will check in with you QR code in the SATS app in the reception and get a ticket to the instructor. 

15. Will consultants and subsidiaries at Volvo Cars also be able to use the gym?

All consultens that has a Volvo Cars email and access to VAK, restaurant personal Compass group and Polestar. More consultants may get access later on. 

16. If I get dismissed from Volvo can I end my membership?

Yes, with 30 days notice if you pay with wellness allowance /AG (not regional membership).
If you have paid the full annual amount in one SATS center, you will not get your money back. Email a confirmation of your termination with name and end date of your employment to volvocars@sats.se

17. Can I freeze the membership?

Yes! See guidelines on SATS website.

18. Will there be a maximum number of members admitted?

No, not at the moment. If we see that there is a huge demand for membership at the gym, we will handle this in a good way so that we doesn´t risk not being able to accommodate everyone who wants to workout. Hopefully there will be more gyms in more buildings in the future.

Note: See Covid-19 restrictions in question no. 25 below.

19. Can I change my membership during the binding period?

You can always upgrade and downgrade your membership during the binding period. If you´ve already prepaid for a full year then only upgrades can be made. Upgrading takes place immediately while downgrade takes place with 30 days notice.

20. Can I get 20% discount and just choose a SATS center?

Yes, contact us and we will help you.

21. Do I need to register a bank account for direct debit if the amount is covered by my wellness allowance?

No, but you need to inform us after a year that you want to end the membership. Otherwise the membership will continue and you will receive a reminder invoice if we can´t withdraw money from your direct debit. If you want to continue membership, send in your bank account number or new wellness money with ID.

22. Will there be personal trainers at SATS Volvo Cars?

Yes! To book your "PT start" enter the SATS app, press on the +, "PT-tillfälle" and then "boka" and then free times to book will show. If you want to train with a PT but don´t have a "PT start" contact our reception, email volvocars@sats.se or contact the PT you want to train with directly via https://www.sats.se/volvocars.

23. How do I check in at a SATS facility and at SATS Volvo Cars?

By downloading the SATS app. Log in with your email address as your username. Your password is based on your social security number (if your social security number is 1983 11 30, the password will be reversed 30 11 1983). In the app you´ll find a QR code that you use for entering. To enter the white door use your Volvo Cars access card (make sure that you have the right access through Volvo Cars)

24. Can I try out the gym for free before I buy a membership?

Yes, use the link  https://www.sats.se/bli-medlem/provtraning/. You can also sign a membership and train 1 month and use your "right of withdrawal" within 21 days and only pay for the month you have trained. 

25. How do SATS follow restriction during the Covid-19 Pandemic? 

See updated guidelines and restrictions here

26. How do I book my "rehab start" or another time at a therapist?

Book via https://ww1.clinicbuddy.com/onlinebooking/-92 or contact the therapist directly via https://www.sats.se/volvocars

27. Do I need to bring my own yoga mat to the yoga session?

Yes, you need to bring your own yoga mat and other equipment like yoga block and straps if you need that during the session. During the pandemic SATS has chosen to take away all equipment that is difficult to clean, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

28. Will there be a maximum number of people in the gym due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Yes, 30 people in the gym and 6 people in the group session room, totaly 36 people are alowed in our facillities.