Shaun Watt

Shaun Watt

Träningsfilosofi: "Through my experience and mentoring I believe in four pillars of training: Physical, Mental, Nutritional and Recovery. With these four pillars I will empower those who wish to excel and succeed in taking the next step in their health and performance!"

Kontakta mig:

I am a Canadian who has been involved with athletics my entire life. I have taken my football (soccer) through University in the USA, winning numerous awards including the coveted All- American Award, and have played on a professional level in Italy, Slovenia and Sweden.


  • CanfitPro Personal Training Specialist
  • PN1 Precision Nutrition Coach


  • Canfitpro Children’s Fitness Coach
  • Canfitpro Core Conditioning
  • Canfitpro Functional Training
  • Canfitpro Strength Training For Fat Loss
  • NSCA Core Development
  • NSCA Endurance Development
  • NSCA Power Development
  • NSCA Speed Development
  • SAFE Mobility Trainer
  • SATS Online Coach
  • NSCA´S guide to program design

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